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Robert Daly

Director of Kissinger Institute on China and the United States

Professor Daniel A Bell

Dean of the Faculty of Politics and Public Administration at Shandong University

Professor Kent Deng

Professor of Economic History at the LSE

Lord Adair Turner

Former Chairman of the Financial Services Authority

Professor Erik Berglöf

Director of the Institute of Global Affairs


Sir Vince Cable

Former Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills

Keith Bennett

Deputy Chairman of the 48 Goup Club

Professor Douglas W. Arner

Professor in the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong

Dr Likka Korhonen

Head of Bank of Finland’s Institute for Economies in Transition

Du Yang

Managing Director at Yaozhi Asset Management Co., LLP

Professor Ronald Anderson

Emeritus Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics

Professor David Piachaud

Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the LSE

Zou Ming

Vice President and Chief Editor of Phoenix New Media Director of the Phoenix International Think Tank

Professor Wang Sangui

Director of China Anti-Poverty Research Institute, Renmin University of China

Alpa Shah

Associate Professor in Anthropology, LSE

Cindy Fan

Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement and Professor of Geography and Asian American Studies, UCLA

Professor Donald Treiman

Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA

Professor Vernon Henderson

Professor of Economic Geography, LSE

Professor Athar Hussain

Director of the former Asia Research Centre, LSE

Song Luzheng

Researcher, China Institute, Fudan University

Dr Gudrun Wacker

Senior Fellow, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)

Prof. Stephan Feuchtwang

Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

roger nord.png

Roger Nord

Deputy Director of the African Department at the IMF

Sanou Mbaye

Senegalese development consultant and former senior official at the African Development Bank

Dr Zhang Chun

Deputy Director of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS)

Jia Kang

Former President of the Research Institute for Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance of China

Professor Danny Quah

Li Ka Shing Professor of Economics, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Guy de Jonquières

Senior Fellow at the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE)

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