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CDF 2014 "Rebalancing China"

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China’s Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee recently put forward the much-anticipated blueprint of reform under the Xi-Li leadership. Among many of the plans, a clear emphasis on increasing control by the market force has been identified, together with encouraging determination to reform the household registration system (Hukou), to abolish prisoner reform through labour (Laogai) and to ease the long-disputed one-child policy. However, slowing domestic economic growth and increasing difficulty in clamping down domestic protests have also led many to question the sustainability of China’s unbalanced growth model.

On February 8th 2014, we will bring vibrant discussions about the latest reform strategies and trends to our campus. During the whole day, our panels cover many of the key areas of reform such as business innovation, financial system and legal reform. With individual speeches by world-class China experts followed by in-depth discussions and interactive Q&A sessions, we aim to offer our audience the ultimate intellectually stimulating experience. How could the “383 Scheme” help to rebalance the GDP-driven and export-reliant Chinese economy as growth slows down? What should and will the government and other stakeholders do to steer the dragon away from a hard landing?