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CDF 2011 "China's Global Integration"

After more than a decade’s dazzling economic growth experienced by China, the world has witnessed the advent of the China era. While China’s global presence is unarguably rising, her performance on the global stage is not always a beautiful breeze. This year, we have seen attacks on China’s foreign currency policy, China’s economy surpassing that of Japan, the debacle arising in Copenhagen climate summit, China’s strained relationship with South Asia and many other interesting spectacles. Accompanying China’s greater global involvement is growing international concern on a possible paradigm shift of China’s interaction with the world. LSE China Development Forum 2011 – “China’s Global Integration” will address the wide range of issues arising from China’s increasing international responsibilities and involvement, and explore how China should act as a key stakeholder in the global community.

In the following pages are CDF2011 Preliminary Agenda and Ticket Information. We would like to warmly welcome you to join the CDF2011 to explore together what lies ahead for China’s global integration.