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  • East West Showcase Music Event 2014

    East West Showcase Music Event 2014

    Music Lover?! Come Join Us For A Memorable Night! Whether you’re a music fan, promoter, artist, talent scout, or just fancy a fun night out…then this could be for you! We have three fantastic acts performing from varied backgrounds and with styles from the East and West, so there will be a little something for everyone…and also gives the opportunity to broaden your horizons! Read More

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China Outlook Trip 2014

3 cities, 12 tourist attractions, 9 biggest local & multinational companies from all industries, 3 traditional performances, 2 universities and 1 NGO, and Yes, lots of Food!

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About Us

Founded in 2002, the LSE SU China Development Society (CDS) strives to promote a global understanding of China.

Our core mission is to inculcate an all-rounded understanding of China amongst our members as well as the wider public. We are the pioneer organisation on campus to focus on issues surrounding China’s development and rapidly changing landscape. We have established ourselves as one of the few highly respected societies on campus with a membership base of over 3000 students, alumni and professionals. We are also in collaboration with many premium organisations including the LSE Asia Research Centre, the Confucius Institute for Business London, the LSE Department of Economics, the 48 Group Club and the China Britain Business Council.



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