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CDF 2016

LSE SU China Development Forum 2016

The LSE SU China Development Forum, co-organised by the LSE SU China Development Society and the LSE Asia Research Centre, was first founded in 2009. Since then, the Forum has grown phenomenally to become the largest China-themed forum in Europe, with an audience of nearly 400. The aim of the Forum is to: provide a platform for both students interested in Chinese affairs as well as professionals well versed in China studies to engage in vibrant and in-depth intellectual discussions; bridge the gap between China and the outside world and promote mutual understanding; provide participants with valuable learning and networking opportunities to connect with global experts and future leaders. The Forum consists of speeches and panel discussions. Speeches are given by prominent figures in fields like government, academia and business while panel discussions are debate-based and formulated to inspire meaningful thoughts among the viewers. In both formats, question-and-answer time is given to guarantee the best interactive experience.


Founded in 2002, the LSE SU China Development Society (CDS) strives to promote a global understanding of China.

Our core mission is to inculcate an all-rounded understanding of China amongst our members as well as the wider public. We are the pioneer organisation on campus to focus on issues surrounding China's development and rapidly changing landscape. We have established ourselves as one of the few highly respected societies on campus with a membership base of over 3000 students, alumni and professionals. We are also in collaboration with many premium organisations including the LSE Asia Research Centre, the Confucius Institute for Business London, the LSE Department of Economics, the 48 Group Club and the China Britain Business Council.


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